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STRIVE - Who We Are

STRIVE was established in 2015 by a coalition of concerned students, teachers and parents to help raise awareness and share information about the safety profiles and possible risks of vaccines recommended to college and university students. We are a UK-based group focusing on vaccines typically offered to students between the ages of 16 and 24. Our aim is to furnish this age-group and their families with information about vaccines that is generally not made available by schools and colleges. Our founder and editor is writer and activist, Miri Finch, and you can learn more about her here.

Is STRIVE anti-vaccine?

Absolutely not. Every contributing member of STRIVE has been fully vaccinated as per the childhood schedule when they were born, and many have chosen to have boosters and other additional vaccines as adults. Furthermore, many STRIVE parents have opted to vaccinate their children. We are entirely in favour of vaccines being made available to those who want to use them; however, we are also in favour of people being given the full and unobscured facts before they make a decision. The "official line" on vaccines is that they are exceptionally safe, and that serious side effects are very rare - the figure "one in a million" is often quoted, though never supported with a citation. Investigating the scientific literature suggests the incidence of serious adverse reactions to vaccines is actually much higher, with a 2011 study putting it at 1 in 168

Therefore, if people are consenting to receive vaccines believing their chances of a significant adverse event are approximately one in one million, their consent is not fully informed. The medical profession is governed by strict guidelines of informed consent, yet these are not reliably adhered to where vaccinations are concerned. When consent is not fully informed, it may be considered coerced, manipulated or invalid. STRIVE therefore aims to ensure people consent to any vaccines offered to them knowledgeably, confidently and freely.

Is STRIVE anti-science?

Of course not. Many contributing members of STRIVE work in academic or research fields, using science and the scientific method on a daily basis. STRIVE is extremely pro-science, but recognises there is not a scientific consensus on the safety of vaccines. Some less rigorous information resources state that "the science is settled" where it comes to vaccines, however, this is simply not true. Not only is research into vaccine safety very much ongoing, but much of the existing data supporting the safety of vaccines is outdated or incomplete. For instance, most vaccine safety studies test one vaccine against another vaccine, or a solution using the same adjuvant (which is sometimes erroneously labelled a placebo), rather than the scientific gold standard of using a true, inert placebo. So this doesn't give us a full picture of whether a vaccine is objectively "safe", just that it may be safer than another vaccine, or have comparable effects to another biologically reactive solution. Further, studies that do find safety concerns with vaccines are often obscured from public view. Therefore STRIVE endeavours to make this information, and all information, easily available and accessible, in order that people can evaluate all the data and make an informed choice. 

Is STRIVE selling anything?

No. We do not retail any product or service, and all our resources are available for free. You can, however, support us via donation should you wish to do so. 

Are you crazy conspiracy theorists who deny the Holocaust and believe the earth is flat?

No. (We like to think Elvis is still alive, though.)

For more information about STRIVE, please contact us using the form on the home page. You can also connect with us on social media through our Facebook page, and by following us on Twitter