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Vaccines: A Reappraisal - By Richard Moskowitz, MD

Drawing on fifty years of experience caring for children and adults, Dr. Moskowitz examines vaccines and our current policy regarding them. Weaving together a tapestry of observed facts, clinical and basic science research, news reports from the media, and actual cases from his own practice, he offers a systematic review of the subject as a whole.

He provides scientific evidence for his clinical impression that the vaccination process, by its very nature, imposes substantial risks of disease, injury, and death that have been persistently denied and covered up by manufacturers, the CDC, and the coterie of doctors who speak for it.

With the aim of acknowledging these risks, taking them seriously, understanding them more holistically, and ultimately assessing them on a deeper level, he proposes a nationwide debate based on objective scientific research, including what we already know and what still needs to be investigated in the future.

He argues that with no serious public health emergency to justify them, requiring vaccines of everyone deprives us all of genuinely informed consent, and prevents parents from making health-care decisions for our children, basic human rights that we still profess to hold dear.

For the present, given the legitimate controversy surrounding the mandates, he proposes that most vaccines simply be made optional and that further research into their risks and benefits be conducted by an independent agency in the public interest, untainted by industry funding, CDC sponsorship, and the quasi-religious sanctimony that is widely invoked on their behalf.

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Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies - By Neil Z. Miller

Primum non nocere is Latin for “First, do no harm”, one of the guiding principles of medical care. Yet there is a large body of scientific evidence confirming numerous vaccine safety deficits that counteract well-publicised benefits. For example, several studies in this book show that mercury and aluminium in vaccines can cause neurological, immunological and developmental harm. Other studies show that childhood vaccines are associated with an increased risk of cancer, allergies, seizures, bleeding disorders, and type 1 diabetes. 

The peer-reviewed scientific studies in this book also show that... A history of measles and mumps is protective against fatal heart attacks and strokes. The pertussis vaccine caused virulent vaccine-resistant strains of pertussis to emerge. Chickenpox vaccines reduced cases of chickenpox but increased cases of shingles. Children have an increased risk of requiring emergency care after receiving MMR. Vaccinated people can spread disease, making “herd immunity” an unrealistic goal. Many doctors and nurses are unvaccinated due to concerns about adverse reactions. Parents who reject vaccines for their children are highly educated.

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Dissolving Illusions - By Suzanne Humphries, MD

Not too long ago, lethal infections were feared in the Western world. Since that time, many countries have undergone a transformation from disease cesspools to much safer, healthier habitats. Starting in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in deaths from all infectious diseases, decreasing to relatively minor levels by the early 1900s. The history of that transformation involves famine, poverty, filth, lost cures, eugenicist doctrine, individual freedoms versus state might, protests and arrests over vaccine refusal, and much more. 

Today, we are told that medical interventions increased our lifespan and single-handedly prevented masses of deaths. But is this really true? Dissolving Illusions details facts and figures from long-overlooked medical journals, books, newspapers, and other sources. Using myth-shattering graphs, this book shows that vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical interventions are not responsible for the increase in lifespan and the decline in mortality from infectious diseases. If the medical profession could systematically misinterpret and ignore key historical information, the question must be asked, “What else is ignored and misinterpreted today?” Perhaps the best reason to know our history is so that the worst parts are never repeated.

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Vaccines 2.0: The Careful Parent's Guide to Making Safe Vaccination Choices for Your Family By Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted

The vaccine schedule has doubled since 1988, after the federal government gave pharmaceutical companies immunity from lawsuits. Autism and other childhood disorders like asthma, ADHD, juvenile diabetes and digestive ailments have skyrocketed. And parents are understandably nervous, desperate for objective guidance that takes those concerns seriously.

Vaccines 2.0 looks at the lengthy roster of today’s recommended injections, the documented risks that accompany them, and helps parents choose a schedule based on unbiased, uncensored, unconflicted science. From whether to get a flu shot during pregnancy--and how to avoid dangerous mercury if you do--to the Hep B shot within hours of birth, to the controversial Gardasil vaccine for preteens, Vaccines 2.0 provides the tools to decide for yourself.

The three sections cover: Why should you care? What should you know? What can you do? The exclusive Risk-Reward Assessment assigns a numerical score to each of the 14 recommended vaccines. Also included is information on learning to spot, report and treat side effects; talking to your doctor and finding a sympathetic one if you can't, and comparing alternative schedules if you decide to delay or skip shots. When it comes to your child, it's your choice. Vaccines 2.0 will give you the information you need to choose wisely.

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How To End The Autism Epidemic: Revealing The Truth About Vaccines - By J. B. Handley

How to End the Autism Epidemic presents an intellectual, fact-based argument on how vaccines trigger autism, drawing on scientific evidence that has emerged in the past five years from researchers outside the United States. In it, author J.B. Handley confronts and dismantles the most common rhetoric from the AAP and CDC: 

1. Vaccines are safe and effective. 

2. The rate of autism isn't actually increasing. 

3. The science is settled. 

Handley then presents his argument for where the truth actually lies: 

1. The Department of Health and Human Services Vaccine Compensation Program has actually acknowledged that vaccines do cause autism and he lays out the legal proceedings in which this happened. 

2. Scientific evidence in mounting that links autism-triggering immune activation to the aluminum adjuvant used in most vaccines, including findings of elevated levels of aluminium in the brains of autopsied autistic children and adults. 

3. Research has shown parents to be highly reliable reporters of their children s wellness and while these experiences are often dismissed, thousands have reported and documented their children's vaccine injuries for campaigns such as Hear This Now and the Vaxxed Bus. 

Also of note: Big Pharma is expected to be worth $60 billion by 2020, compared to $170 million in the early 1980s, a 350-fold increase.* In the 1960s, the CDC vaccine schedule called for 5 total vaccines. Today it s 72.* Autism rates have gone from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970s to 1 in 36 today.* In 2009, Julie Gerberding left her position as the head of the CDC, where she presided over both a massive explosion in the number of vaccines and a massive explosion in cases of autism, to head up Merck. While his argument is unsparing, Handley's position is ultimately moderate: We must continue to investigate the safety of vaccines, we must adopt a position of informed consent, and every vaccine must be considered on its own merits.

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