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Student Health

STRIVE promotes natural, safe and effective treatments for protecting, restoring and improving your health, whilst you are at university and beyond. We believe the best way to develop and maintain a healthy body that is resistant to disease, and that will allow you to get the most out of your student experience, is:

*A diet based on real, whole foods;

*Minimal consumption of processed vegetable oils and sugars;

*Drinking plenty of silica-rich mineral water;

*Moderate, gentle exercise;

*Plenty of fresh air and sun;

*Good friends and family.

Taking these steps should ensure you achieve and maintain robust good health, but, If you or a family member have already experienced negative health outcomes, including from a vaccine, the symptoms can be alleviated through dietary and supplement therapies. 

For all vaccine injuries, including gastrointestinal problems, mood and behavioural disorders, and learning difficulties, we can highly recommend the 'GAPS' (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) protocol, developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Focusing on restoring whole body health by healing the damaged gut wall, GAPS was a pioneer in the field of understanding the gut-brain axis and that, to promote health and healing of body and brain, an optimised digestive system and microbiome are essential. GAPS Protocol at Amazon

For injuries sustained by the HPV vaccine (Gardasil / Cervarix), we are pleased to recommend this highly successful dietary protocol, developed in concert between international researchers; nutritional therapist Mr. Frede Damgaard; medical doctor Dr. Stig Gerdes; and families of the vaccine injured: HPV Treatment Protocol

As many vaccine injuries are thought to be related to the aluminium adjuvant they contain, an advisable step for anyone suffering from vaccine injury is to reduce aluminium levels in the body by drinking a silica-rich mineral water. Silica-rich waters are clinically proven to bind with aluminium in the body and remove it, and many people suffering vaccine injury (especially HPV vaccine injury) report great results from drinking 1.5 litres a day of silica-rich waters. Brands available in the UK include Volvic and Fiji